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Legal Metrology: Our activities
Legal metrology exists in Tunisia since February the 14th of the year 1895, creation date of the Office of the weights and measures (old name of the legal metrology).
The reform of the legal metrology, initiated in the 80s, has generated a dynamics which had led to the advent of a specific legislation of legal metrology (Law 99-40 of 10 May 1999).
Afterwards, and after the creation of the National Agency of Metrology, the activities of the legal metrology have developed along with human resources reinforcement, able to take care of the newest activities, and the elaboration of the training plans in order to maintain the savoir faire.
These activities are entrusted to the Directorate of Legal Metrology whose main tasks consist of:
  • Achievement of approval tests on the models of measuring instruments and establishing adequate decisions.
  •  Execution of the technical expertise and operations of initial and periodic checking of measuring instruments and the control of prepackaged products.
  • Study of the import and export files of the measuring instruments and make their expertise if necessary.
  • Study of approval files of the organizations in charge of legal metrological check operations on the measuring instruments, their repairs and installations, as well as the follow-up of the activities of accredited organizations.
  • Assistance of the ministerial departments concerned for the aspects of certification of the measuring instruments.
  • Supervision of the activities of the organizations in charge of the measuring instruments certification.
  • Inspection of new measuring devices.    
  • Inspection of The activities of manufacturers, repairers and installers of measurement instruments.
  • Verification of measuring instruments while in use.
  • Planning of rounds of metrological inspection, and exploiting as much as possible the technical means and standards.