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  • General Direction: 43 Louis Braille Street elKhadra city 1003 Tunis
    SFAX Regional Centre: Johannesburg Street, Soukra road km 2.5, 3052 Sfax
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Fundamental metrology aims to provide the basis for a unified and consistent measurement. Verifying the comparability and accuracy of measurement is an integral part of the overall coherence.
Several missions NAM help develop incentives for research, including the integration of international networks and contributing to international work.
Among these tasks, some interest you:

   For the creation of standards:
  • Fix requirements necessary for the establishment and implementation of national standards that can reproduce the measurement units of the International System of Units "SI" can be materialized;
  • Fix requirements necessary for the establishment and publication of rules that produce units of measurement can not be materialized.

   For transfer to industry standards:

  • Ensure the connection of measuring instruments to national standards.
  • Transfer of technology in the field of metrology research to industrial application cases.

   For the maintenance and dissemination of standards:

  • Manage the production, preservation and dissemination of national standards and the management of research and studies for their development;
  • Organize the work intercomparison between national standards and international standards and, where appropriate, adapt national standards to international standards