Address of National Agency of Metrology street Louis Braille N° 43, 1003 elKhadhra city - Tunis

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  • General Direction: 43 Louis Braille Street elKhadra city 1003 Tunis
    SFAX Regional Centre: Johannesburg Street, Soukra road km 2.5, 3052 Sfax
  • General Direction: +216 71 125 011
    SFAX Regional Centre: +216 74 677 492

For your training and information:

Ensure technological care in the field of metrology;
Establish standards and technical guidelines relating to metrology and proceed to publication in coordination with INNORPI;

Conduct training and technical assistance, and participate in the development of national training and education of metrology.

To support your technologic business:

Organize and manage the work of inter-laboratory comparison and intra-laboratory;

Ensure the connection of measuring instruments to national standards;

Provide solutions for technology transfer in the field of metrology research to cases of industrial applications.
Industrial and laboratory: What would be your expectations?

Optimize your technical and managerial organization;
Maintain a park measuring instruments in good working order;
Ensure the traceability of standards and equipment.

It is strongly recommended to use accredited calibration laboratories.
Accredited laboratories: What are your needs?
Reference standards, working standards and transfer standards must be connected to the national reference traceable to the Equipment.
It is recommended to use accreditedcalibration laboratories.
Accredited laboratories : What are you needs ?
Referenc standards, woking standards and transfer standards mut be connected to the national reference traceable to the International System of Units "SI".
One of our main missions, the deployment of national standards:

Available: The NAM develops and makes available to the national economy standards required.
Adaptable : The national standards are a realization of SI units, and compared to standards in other countries, with levels of uncertainty tailored to our national needs.

Reliable: The NAM day to enroll in a logic of compliance practices governing the operation of National Metrology Institutes "INM", including the recording of best practices metrological capabilities (Calibration and Measurement Capabilities "CMC") to within the database KCDB the International Bureau of Weights and Measures "BIPM".